Welcome to the VitalStim Resources page. Here healthcare professionals, patients and patient families will find research on NMES and dysphagia, disease specific information, requirements to provide VitalStim Therapy and more. VitalStim Providers who hold a Specialty Certificate can access a password protected resource page to access information on outcome tracking tools, documentation, electrodes, treatment plans, FAQs, FDA limitations and more. Please contact CIAO Seminars at 888-909-2426 if you have any questions.

Clinical Resources


VitalStim Provider Resources

  Dysphagia Resources   (access requires a login and password)
  NMES Research Articles and Abstracts   Program Development
  Head and Neck Cancer   Evaluation Checklist
  Disease Specific
  Treatment Planning Documentation
  VitalStim Information
  Contraindictions and Precautions
  VitalStim Therapy Success Stories


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